Isotopic Depletion and Decay Analysis System


ORIGEN-ARP is available as part of the SCALE Package.

ORIGEN-ARP, the current supported version of ORIGEN, is included in the SCALE software package. It contains the latest version of the OrigenArp Windows user interface and PlotOPUS interactive plotting program.

For more information on the capabilities of ORIGEN-ARP:

SCALE OrigenArp Primer Now Available

The SCALE OrigenArp Primer is published and available to download from the SCALE website. This primer is designed to help new users understand and use ORIGEN-ARP with the OrigenArp Windows graphical user interface in SCALE. There is no assumption of familiarity with nuclear depletion codes in general or with SCALE/ORIGEN ARP in particular. The primer is based on SCALE 6 but should be applicable to earlier or later versions of SCALE.