SCALE Highlights

Upcoming SCALE Training Schedule
  • Courses at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
    • August 4 – 8: SCALE Criticality Safety Calculations Course
    • August 11 – 15: SCALE Sensitivity and Uncertainty Calculations
    • August 18 – 22: SCALE/TRITON Lattice Physics and Depletion
    • August 25 – 28: SCALE/ORIGEN Standalone Fuel Depletion, Activation, and Source Term Analysis Course
  • Courses at OECD/NEA Data Bank, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France
    • March 2 - 6, 2015 – SCALE course to be determined
    • March 9 - 13, 2015 – SCALE course to be determined
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SCALE 6.1.3 Update is Available
The SCALE Development Team recently completed a number of updates to SCALE 6.1. The SCALE 6.1.3 Update is recommended for all SCALE 6.1 users.
SCALE Newsletter Number 46, Spring 2014, is now available.
In this issue:
  • High-fidelity Reactor Modeling with KENO
  • USLSTATS - Upper Safety Limit Statistics Program Update
  • Resonance Absorber Control Rod Materials in TRITON
  • SCALE Publications
  • SCALE 6.2 Status
  • SCALE 6.1.3 Update
  • SCALE Quality Assurance Program
  • SCALE Spotlight
  • Technical Support and Training
  • SCALE Leadership Team
  • Upcoming SCALE Training Courses

SCALE 6 Nuclear Technology Special Edition

SCALE was featured in the special edition of Nuclear Technology in May 2011. The following articles were published to provide a comprehensive review of SCALE features as of the SCALE 6.0 release.

Foreword: Special Issue on the SCALE Nuclear Analysis Code System
John C. Wagner

SCALE 6: Comprehensive Nuclear Safety Analysis Code System
S. M. Bowman

Resonance Self-Shielding Methodologies in Scale 6
Mark L. Williams

Isotopic Depletion and Decay Methods and Analysis Capabilities in SCALE
Ian C. Gauld, Georgeta Radulescu, Germina Ilas, Brian D. Murphy, Mark L. Williams, Dorothea Wiarda

Reactor Physics Methods and Analysis Capabilities in SCALE
Mark D. DeHart, Stephen M. Bowman

Monte Carlo Criticality Methods and Analysis Capabilities in Scale
Sedat Goluoglu, Lester M. Petrie, Jr., Michael E. Dunn, Daniel F. Hollenbach, Bradley T. Rearden

Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis Capabilities and Data in SCALE
B. T. Rearden, M. L. Williams, M. A. Jessee, D. E. Mueller, D. A. Wiarda

Monte Carlo Shielding Analysis Capabilities with MAVRIC
Douglas E. Peplow