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SCALE is a comprehensive modeling and simulation suite for nuclear safety analysis and design developed and maintained by Oak Ridge National Laboratory under contract with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Department of Energy, and the National Nuclear Security Administration to perform reactor physics, criticality safety, radiation shielding, and spent fuel characterization for nuclear facilities and transportation/storage package designs.

Recent Publications

B. R. Betzler, J. J. Powers, and A. Worrall, "Molten salt reactor neutronics and fuel cycle modeling and simulation with SCALE", Annals of Nuclear Energy, March 2017.

B. R. Betzler, et al, Two-Dimensional Neutronic and Fuel Cycle Analysis of the Transatomic Power Molten Salt Reactor, ORNL/TM-2016/742, January 2017.

C. M. Perfetti, B. T. Rearden, and W. J. Marshall, "Diagnosing Undersampling Biases in Monte Carlo Eigenvalue and Flux Tally Estimates", Nuclear Science and Engineering, January 2017.

Tutorial Presentation on SCALE 6.2 Fulcrum User Interface is Available

R. A. Lefebvre, Fulcrum User Interface, Tutorial Presentation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2016.

SCALE 6.2.1 Update is Now Available
Detailed information is available here
SCALE Newsletter Number 49, Fall 2016, is now available.
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